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Aviation Epidemic: What a Shortage of Commercial Pilots Will Do to the Industry

Published: 03-03-2015
The airline industry is expected to face a new set of challenges in the coming years due to a shortage of commercial pilots. There are only a handful of aviation colleges in the U.S. and their graduating classes tend to be very small. At Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation, for example,

Boeing Predicts a High Demand for Aviation Employees

Published: 02-03-2015
Aviation employment is expected to soar worldwide in the next 20 years.

Airline Industry to Profit in 2015

Published: 01-07-2015
A new year is upon us -- what does the financial forecast look like for pilots?

Airline Pilot Salaries: Which Airlines Have the Highest Pay?

Published: 12-03-2014
We analyzed the airline payscales submitted to APC to create this breakdown of what the Legacy, Major and Regional airlines pay their pilots on average, as well as at the low and high ends.

Why is the Divorce Rate so High for Pilots?

Published: 09-25-2014
Finally! The day that you’ve been dreaming about has finally arrived. You put on your brand new uniform and grab your suitcase. You kiss the wife and kids goodbye and head to the airport for your first flight. You are so excited to be part of the crew that the five legs on day one go by quickly. At

Unraveling the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Published: 03-20-2014
So, what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? We asked APC members to comment on some of the popular theories, including the more crazy ones, which have been circulating in the media.

The 40th Annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-in and Expo

Published: 03-19-2014
As this year marks the 100th anniversary of commercial aviation, the industry celebrates its history and future at the 40th annual Sun`n Fun Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida from April 1-6.

How Not to Make $100K on Probationary Pay

Published: 08-23-2013
You changed jobs and now you're making a fraction of what you were, but your bills haven't proportionally decreased. What options do you really have?

Is Flying Airliners a Dangerous Job?

Published: 08-23-2013
The recent crash of Asiana Flight 214 reminded us that airline accidents have consequences that reach far beyond the people directly affected. As pilots, these unfortunate events deserve introspection and honest answers to tough questions.

Some Medical Relief From The FAA

Published: 07-10-2013
In April, a new program from FAA Medical in Oklahoma City was quietly rolled out. It has big implications for many pilots, and will no doubt speed up the medical issuance process. But, of course, there are pitfalls too!

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