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How Not to Make $100K on Probationary Pay

Published: 08-23-2013
You changed jobs and now you're making a fraction of what you were, but your bills haven't proportionally decreased. What options do you really have?

Is Flying Airliners a Dangerous Job?

Published: 08-23-2013
The recent crash of Asiana Flight 214 reminded us that airline accidents have consequences that reach far beyond the people directly affected. As pilots, these unfortunate events deserve introspection and honest answers to tough questions.

Some Medical Relief From The FAA

Published: 07-10-2013
In April, a new program from FAA Medical in Oklahoma City was quietly rolled out. It has big implications for many pilots, and will no doubt speed up the medical issuance process. But, of course, there are pitfalls too!

Stick Pusher Stall Training

Published: 02-24-2013
Three seconds later, the aircraft entered a stall. Of all the mistakes that were made that night, there was one that doomed the flight, and it is likely one that we the aviation community taught him.

3 Ways to Get Your Career Going Again

Published: 05-02-2011
The reason you hear about networking so much is because it is really that important.

Take Control of Your World

Published: 01-07-2011
In this article we'll take a look at 3 pilots who have found success, in addition to flying.

Airline Pilot Hiring - a Q&A with Louis Smith

Published: 11-02-2010
APC co-founder John Steinbeck sat down with Louis Smith, president of FltOps.com, to discuss where he sees airline pilot hiring heading the next few years.

PilotFAR & PilotAIM now iPad native

Published: 07-02-2010
Aviation iPhone app developer Nick Hodapp of Seattle based CoDeveloper announced the release of the iPad version of the popular PilotFAR and PilotAIM apps.  PilotFAR includes ALL of CFR Title 14, CFR Title 49,Part 830 (?NTSB 830?), and applicable SFARs. PilotAIM includes the complete text and illustrations of the Airmans information manual.  The ability to search, customize, bookmark, and share the entire set of FARs and AIM make these apps essential for any pilot's iPad.

Pilot Furlough Survey

Published: 01-07-2010
This survey is to aggregate the number of furloughed pilots, then publish an estimate of the total number of furloughed pilots as a percentage of the total pilot workforce.

Plan B - Alternatives to Furlough

Published: 01-04-2010
It's important to create passive income and build personal wealth for future economic downturns.

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