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Airline Pilot Retirement Plans | Part 1

Published: 06-09-2007
As we are all aware, airline pilot retirement plans are changing because of unprecedented attack on our retirements over the last twenty years.

Airline Security in 2007

Published: 05-17-2007
During pilot training, we often hear the words complacency kills to describe scenarios in which pilots were not alert or in tune with the aircraft.

737 Study Guide

Published: 05-12-2007
We're not looking to stump anyone with the questions, so please include questions and answers that would help the average pilot clear-out the cobwebs in preparation for a proficiency check.

Are You a Quiet Professional?

Published: 04-26-2007
Professional pilots work extra hard to proactively recognize when conflict is trying to rear its ugly head because we all understand the inherent danger of conflict in the cockpit.

New e-logbook From APC

Published: 04-01-2007
Free e-logbook for pilots and student pilots.

Trip and Duty Rigs 101

Published: 03-11-2007
This article presents the basics of what trip and duty rigs are, and how they can enhance pilot compensation.

Very Light Jets: An Overview for Pilots

Published: 02-28-2007
NBAA defines Very Light Jets as "Jet aircraft weighing 10,000 pounds or less maximum certificated takeoff weight and certificated for single pilot operations.

The 110th Congress

Published: 01-12-2007
On 4 Jan 2007, the 110th Congress convened with the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.  In the House, the Democrats have a solid majority of 233-202.  The balance in the Senate is much tighter at 49-49-2, with both Independent senators (Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders) caucusing with the Democrats to give the Democrats a razor thin 51-49 majority.  With a majority in each house, the Democrats have control over and chairmanship of all committees and subcommittees in both houses.

What's Stock Market Volatility?

Published: 01-09-2007
Some cynics say volatility is a polite way of referring to investors nervousness.

New Passport Requirements

Published: 01-09-2007
If your travel will soon take you to our neighbors in Canada, Mexico,and the Caribbean, you're going to need more than just your state-issued driver's license to enter those countries and to return home.

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