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Pilot E-Logbook

Published: 12-29-2006
Lots of options exist for pilots to keep track of their time flying planes, but *free* is always good.

Give Through Giving Circles

Published: 12-20-2006
A giving circle is a form of philanthropy headed by a group of people who want to take an active role in how their money supports a particular cause or issue. Circles vary in group size and structure,but members pool their donations to benefit their selected cause or issue.

The Last Nutrition Resolution

Published: 12-19-2006
Americans are spending more than $40 billion dollars on dieting and diet-related products, yet an astonishing 95 percent of dieters will regain the weight that they've lost within one to five years.

The Infamous Airline Interview

Published: 12-06-2006

I walked into the interview with a great deal of confidence and  enthusiasm. Flying airplanes was my one true passion in this life. This was my big chance to merge my occupation with my love. I would become an airline pilot.

"So you want to be an airline pilot?" the interviewer inquired.

"Yes, sir, more than anything else I have ever wanted," I replied,  realizing I sounded like an anxious adolescent.

Military Flight Time Conversion

Published: 12-02-2006
Use this Excel spreadsheet to help make flight time conversion easy.

Pre-Interview Checklist

Published: 12-02-2006
Use this PDF document to help guide you as your important interview date approaches.

Pilot Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Published: 10-31-2006
Avoid making these all too common mistakes on your pilot resume.

Pilot Pay Comparison

Published: 10-25-2006
This comparison looks at the hourly wage and monthly hours of service (time at work) between a typical 9 to 5 job and an Airline Pilot.

Airline Quarterly Financial Score Cards

Published: 10-12-2006
Three things have recently occurred. First, early this summer Glen Engel left Goldman Sachs after 20 years of outstanding research.

Should I wait to take Social Security?

Published: 08-24-2006
The majority of clients our firm deals with choose to take their Social Security benefits early based primarily on the old adage that ?one in the hand is better than two in the bush.?

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