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Internal Referrals and Your Cover Letter

Published: 05-24-2006
You are probably already aware of how critically important the role personal connections play in your job search. So if you are applying to an airline with whom you have a good contact who's willing to recommend you for employment, you should draft the cover letter differently.

How Long to a Captain Upgrade?

Published: 05-24-2006
On most of the airlines' pages in our database, APC includes a notation of "Most junior captain hired: (date)." This info is valuable for a few reasons. It shows how long it has taken the most junior captain at the airline currently to reach that seat. Simply subtract the date of hire from the date today, and you'll know approximately how many years it's taking new captains to upgrade.

Effective Pilot Cover Letter Phrases

Published: 05-24-2006
Having writer's block, or just can't find that perfect phrase for your resume cover letter? Well, APC has you covered. Review the following pilot-specific cover letter phrases and you will be well on your way to writing an effective cover letter.

Pilot e-resumes

Published: 05-24-2006
E-resumes are the current trend with pilot employers, with more and more companies moving away from paper. Fortunately this benefits pilot applicants.  Your information is now delivered within seconds instead of days, time and expense to print and mail your resume is eliminated, and your information now often sits in an employer-searchable database. 

Pilot recommendations

Published: 05-24-2006
There are airlines today that hire primarily through internal referrals. Some won't even interview a candidate-- no matter how exceedingly qualified-- unless that person has been referred by someone at the airline. On the face of it, this might seem unfair. But looking through the employers' eyes, you can see why this works for some of them.

World Rates

Published: 05-23-2006
By simply adding a class suffix, for example "light" gives you a light grey color module or entering "mid" for a bright blue and "dark" for a rich dark grey color.

How Pilots Get Paid

Published: 04-07-2006
This week we answer a question from 17 year old Kyle from New Bruinswick who wants to know about pay guarantees for pilots at the airlines.

Pilot Networking 101

Published: 04-03-2006
Networking is one of the most important things you can do as you work towards your pilot career goals.

The Red Tail

Published: 03-11-2006
The Red Tail is a feature-length documentary film that looks beyond the headlines of the historic struggle between Northwest Airlines, and the workers whose loyalty and dedication built the company.

CASS Airlines

Published: 02-27-2006
The list of airlines participating in the CASS jumpseat program continues to expand, and APC is staying on top the latest entrants.

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