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The 3 Biggest Stories in the Airline Industry Today

Published: 01-25-2017
From pilots and crew members seeking help from President Trump to computer malfunctions leaving planes grounded, here are the stories you don't want to miss...

SkyWest, Inc. Announces Additional Fleet Transitions

Published: 12-19-2016
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Judge Orders Striking Pilots to Return to Work

Published: 11-30-2016
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Southwest Airlines Pilots Approve New Contract

Published: 11-09-2016
Pilots at Southwest Airlines agreed on a new contract that will offer giant pay increase over the next four years.

Disgruntled Pilots Look to Switch Unions

Published: 10-26-2016
A group of unhappy pilots from American Airlines are looking to make a change.

A Major Airline is Training Pilots with Zero Experience

Published: 10-11-2016
Hoping to become a pilot for a major airline, but have little-to-no flight experience?

FAA May Lower Flight Time Requirements for First Officers

Published: 09-21-2016
A new proposal could allow pilots with as little as 500 hours of experience to fly for a commercial airline.

Union Rejects Latest Contract Proposal

Published: 08-25-2016
Both sides continue to remain far apart.

Pilots Feel the Pressure to Speed Up Flights

Published: 08-11-2016
Pilots at a major airline have raised some safety concerns.

Talk of Strike Heats Up at Another Major Airline

Published: 07-14-2016
The latest action taken by the pilots at Delta will place pressure on the airline.

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