Aviation Videos

Fairchild AFB B52 Crash

Viewer discretion is advice. The captain banked the airplane past 60 degrees, stalled, clipped a power line with the left wing and crashed. There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers.

TU-154 Landing

Footage from inside the cockpit of a landing TU-154. The pilots are definitely not calm, to say the least.

Simulator Introduction

Have you ever wondered about the exacting standards expected of Commercial Airline Pilots?

Departing Whale

Watch the 747 take off from a short runway. Shot from a spectacular angle, too.

T-38 Near Miss

A near miss with a jet completely startles the pilot. Can you blame him?

Citation Runway Overshoot

A Danish-registered Cessna Citation 525A was substantially damaged during a runway overrun at Atlantic City Municipal Airport/Bader Field (AIY). The certificated private pilot received minor injuries, and three passengers received no injuries.

On the Carpet

This long-lost skit features Jonathan Winters at his improvisational best as he's called before an airline commission. A comical genius. May he rest in peace.

Low Level at 500 knots

Spectacular shots of low-level flying by a jet. Any fan of flying will enjoy this video.

F18 Carrier Ops

A Navy pilot takes off from a carrier and performs some aerobatics. This pilot knows how to have fun.

Aviation History Reel

From Orville and Wilbur Wright to stealth bombers, we take a look at the amazing advancement of aviation through the ages. It makes us wonder what great things are ahead of us.

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