Runway Safety

Inside Look at an $18 Million Simulator shows what it's like to be inside a flight simulator that can prepare pilots for any scenario imaginable.

Rather be better lucky than good

The people in this video can thank Lady Luck for still being alive. Watch the compilation of near misses that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Airliners nearly collide at LAX

NBC News in Los Angeles interviewed aviation attorney and pilot, Ron Goldman, about a 747 Asiana Airlines flight coming within a couple hundred feet of a Southwest Airlines 737 at LAX. Los Angeles International Airport has been the most dangerous airport in the nation historically and currently for near misses.

Comair 5191

The NTSB releases results from their investigation into the crash of Comair flight 5191 in Lexington. The investigators concluded that the crew took off on a runway that was too short for the aircraft.

Beech 1900 at Qunicy, IL

A landing Beech 1900 collides with a departing King Air on crossing runways at Quincy's pilot controlled air field. The collision caused the loss of both aircraft and 14 lives.

UAL 1015 at ORD

A simulated video and recorded audio showing a runway incursion between Atlas Air and United at O'Hare International Airport. This could have been ugly.

USAir 737 at LAX

3D animation recreating a 1991 runway incursion at LAX after the controller leaves a Metroliner positioned and holding while clearing the USair 737 to land. The result is a deadly collision killing 34. Actual even occurred at night.

UAL 1448 at Ft. Lauderdale

Effective communication within the cockpit and with ATC is a must. See what happens when that communication breaks down on a foggy night in Providence.

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