Military Aircraft

NATO AGS NATO-1 Production

The AGS system consists of air, ground, mission operations and support elements, performing all-weather, persistent wide-area terrestrial and maritime surveillance in near real-time.

Sukhoi Su-30 Demo

The Sukhoi Su-30 (NATO reporting name "Flanker-C") is a twin-engine military aircraft developed by Russia's Sukhoi Aviation Corporation and introduced into operational service in 1996.

B-2 Stealth Accident

HAGATNA, Guam - A B-2 stealth bomber crashed Saturday at an air base onGuam, but both pilots ejected safely and were in good condition, theAir Force said.

KC-10 re-fueling customers

When jets need refueling mid-flight what do they do? The KC-10 will come and feed you!

KC-10s on the Moon!

Awesome footage of a KC-10 feeding another KC-10. Bonus shot of the moon in the background!

This is why I'm Hot

What happens when 2 deployed pilots are bored? Make a rap music video, of course.

Dillon Minigun highlites

The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest smallcaliber, defense suppression weapon available. It is a six barreled,electrically driven machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO and fires at afixed rate of 3,000 shots per minute. Gatling Guns typically feed froma 3,000 or 4,400 round magazine. They are

Tupolev 134 - Engine Failure

The Tupolev 134, operated on behalf of the Black Sea Fleet Aviation unit (VVS ChF) of the Russian Navy.

A10 Low Pass

This cameraman gets a little too close for comfort. Incredible footage of the A10 flying by.

RAF Typhoon Airshow Display

The full RAF Typhoon Display sequence from the Waddington Airshow 2006. Including views from 2 cockpit mini-cams, on-board sound, and narration from the display pilot.

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