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Are Pilots Hiding Health Issues?

Published: 09-11-2023
Have pilots been misreporting their medical condition?

Recalled Jet Engines to Have Global Ramifications

Published: 08-27-2023
Flights disrupted. How will this affect pilots?

New Study Advises Pilots to Prepare for Turbulence

Published: 08-15-2023
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash Commercial airline pilots know that turbulence is nothing to fear. While a couple anxious passengers might experience some panic, pilots stay calm in the bumpy skies. A turbulent ride, however, is still not ideal. No pilot wants their passengers to be uncomfortable throughout

Should US Raise Retirement Age for Commercial Airline Pilots?

Published: 07-30-2023
Unions oppose it. Congress wants it. Should the US raise pilot retirement age?

American Airlines Prevents Cancellations With HEAT

Published: 07-16-2023
American Airlines' new system is preventing weather cancellations. Let's check in.

Is Africa the Next Big Growth Region in Aviation?

Published: 07-03-2023
IATA makes moves for Africa. What's next?

Aircraft Emergency Slide Deploys INSIDE Cabin

Published: 06-19-2023
Delta flight 520 had some interesting problems...

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Plane

Published: 06-05-2023
Airlines are moving to bigger aircraft. What are the pros and cons?

President Biden Announces New Rule for Canceled and Delayed Flights

Published: 05-13-2023
Should airlines have to compensate travelers for these costs?

How Will “Tsunami” of Pilot Retirements Affect the Industry?

Published: 05-02-2023
The pilot workforce is aging. How will this affect aviation?

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