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Are Windows A Relic of the Past? A Look into Windowless Cockpits and Windowless Aircraft

Published: 07-08-2019
Who are you going to trust - cameras or your own eyes?

Two Pilots Help You Experience Flying History

Published: 07-01-2019
Check out the Air Power History show!

Fuel Costs Are Pushing Towards More Direct Flights

Published: 06-25-2019
Do more narrow-body planes create more opportunities for pilots?

Uber May Need to Put Their Pilot Plans on Hold

Published: 06-17-2019
Will new regulations on helicopters affect future rideshare or flightshare services?

Naps on a Plane: Should Pilots be Allowed to Sleep on the Flight?

Published: 06-10-2019
Do you get enough sleep?

Should There Be a Pilot Database?

Published: 06-04-2019
Read the Pros and Cons.

Boeing Wants Pilots to Fly Solo

Published: 05-28-2019
One pilot flights? Yay or nay?

Should We Get Rid of the Airplane Galley?

Published: 05-20-2019
Can lockers and new automation improve the flight experience?

21-Hour Flights Edge Closer

Published: 05-13-2019
How long are you willing to fly?

What Should Pilots Do for a UFO Sighting?

Published: 05-06-2019
The Navy is working on a plan for pilots.

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