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Are Aircraft Shortages a Serious Problem for Aviation?

Published: 10-30-2022
Where have all the airplanes gone? Aircraft shortages in the industry?

Should the FAA Control the Size of Airline Seats?

Published: 10-16-2022
Americans are getting larger. Seats are getting smaller. Should the FAA step in?

Should Flight Dispatchers Be Able to Work From Home?

Published: 10-01-2022
Some airlines have flight dispatchers working from home. What do pilots think? Is this safe?

Is Supersonic A Bust After Rolls-Royce Drops Boom?

Published: 09-19-2022
An update on Supersonic commercial flights after Rolls-Royce drops out of a big deal.

Record Number of Laser Strikes Prompts GAO Response

Published: 09-04-2022
Should commercial airline pilots be concerned about laser strikes?

Is Saudi Arabia the Next Aviation Giant?

Published: 08-22-2022
Saudi Arabia is putting a lot of money into a new airline and new aviation infrastructure. What's next?

JetBlue Acquires Spirit Airlines - What's Next?

Published: 08-07-2022
Company culture clash? What happens now that JetBlue acquired Spirit Airlines?

Pilot Shortage Leaves Passengers Frustrated

Published: 07-25-2022
Commercial airline pilots are still in high demand. And airlines need to do more to staff up.

NASA Seeks Partner for Sustainable Aircraft

Published: 07-11-2022
Will NASA be the solution for aviation's carbon emissions problem?

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg On Airline Cancellations

Published: 06-28-2022
Will Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg demand the government step in to fix airline woes?

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