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Can This Company Eliminate Turbulence from Commercial Aircraft?

Published: 12-18-2023
Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash One company in aviation is beginning to make waves… or should we say that the company is trying to steady the waves? Turbulence Solutions is an Austrian aerospace business that wants to revolutionize the aviation sector with one goal: Eliminating turbulence. If the

Gulfstream Makes Aviation History with First Trans-Atlantic Flight on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Published: 12-05-2023
Photo by Forsaken Films on Unsplash The world's first transatlantic flight powered solely by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was accomplished with great success by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. On November 19, a Gulfstream G600 aircraft made the historic flight from the company's Savannah, Georgia headquarters

American Airlines Cuts 21 Routes in Austin

Published: 11-21-2023
Photo by Carlos Alfonso on Unsplash American Airlines has made the dramatic decision to discontinue 21 routes in Austin, Texas, indicating a change in the city's appeal as a travel destination. With the city's reputation as a thriving tech hub and a hip city, home to such events as South by Southwest

New Labor Deals Open Up Cockpit Doors for Aspiring Pilots

Published: 10-31-2023
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash There have never been more chances for ambitious pilots in the dynamic field of aviation. Pilots at United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta have approved ground-breaking labor agreements and contracts, ushering in a new era of prosperity in the airline business.

Is Supersonic Aviation Coming Back or Dead on Arrival?

Published: 10-15-2023
Supersonic aircraft in the news. What will the future hold?

GE Aerospace Sells 3,000 GE90 Engines

Published: 09-26-2023
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash The GE90 engine from General Electric powers some of the most well-known long-haul aircraft in the world, including the Boeing 777. The popular engine continues to be reliable and a hallmark of aviation technology. General Electric recently celebrated the sale of its

Are Pilots Hiding Health Issues?

Published: 09-11-2023
Have pilots been misreporting their medical condition?

Recalled Jet Engines to Have Global Ramifications

Published: 08-27-2023
Flights disrupted. How will this affect pilots?

New Study Advises Pilots to Prepare for Turbulence

Published: 08-15-2023
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash Commercial airline pilots know that turbulence is nothing to fear. While a couple anxious passengers might experience some panic, pilots stay calm in the bumpy skies. A turbulent ride, however, is still not ideal. No pilot wants their passengers to be uncomfortable throughout

Should US Raise Retirement Age for Commercial Airline Pilots?

Published: 07-30-2023
Unions oppose it. Congress wants it. Should the US raise pilot retirement age?

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