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US House to Hold Hearing on Aviation Safety

Published: 02-12-2023
What's coming after the House of Representatives takes a careful look at aviation safety?

Delta to Add More Airbus A220s in Its Fleet

Published: 01-30-2023
Delta is growing their fleet with these new planes.

American Airlines Union Disputes New Procedures

Published: 01-15-2023
Did American Airlines give enough training and notice to its pilots for these new procedures?

Will 2023 Be the Year of the Boeing Bounce Back?

Published: 01-02-2023
2022 was not the best year for Boeing. Will 2023 be much better?

United Airlines Adds Two New Pilot Bases

Published: 12-11-2022
Two new pilot bases. Where are they? And what are the plans?

4 Stories from Frontier Airlines

Published: 11-27-2022
Focus on Frontier with these four headlines

Flying To and From Florida? Take this Route

Published: 11-13-2022
The FAA releases new guidance to encourage flights over the water.

Are Aircraft Shortages a Serious Problem for Aviation?

Published: 10-30-2022
Where have all the airplanes gone? Aircraft shortages in the industry?

Should the FAA Control the Size of Airline Seats?

Published: 10-16-2022
Americans are getting larger. Seats are getting smaller. Should the FAA step in?

Should Flight Dispatchers Be Able to Work From Home?

Published: 10-01-2022
Some airlines have flight dispatchers working from home. What do pilots think? Is this safe?

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