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Is Supersonic A Bust After Rolls-Royce Drops Boom?

Published: 09-19-2022
An update on Supersonic commercial flights after Rolls-Royce drops out of a big deal.

Record Number of Laser Strikes Prompts GAO Response

Published: 09-04-2022
Should commercial airline pilots be concerned about laser strikes?

Is Saudi Arabia the Next Aviation Giant?

Published: 08-22-2022
Saudi Arabia is putting a lot of money into a new airline and new aviation infrastructure. What's next?

JetBlue Acquires Spirit Airlines - What's Next?

Published: 08-07-2022
Company culture clash? What happens now that JetBlue acquired Spirit Airlines?

Pilot Shortage Leaves Passengers Frustrated

Published: 07-25-2022
Commercial airline pilots are still in high demand. And airlines need to do more to staff up.

NASA Seeks Partner for Sustainable Aircraft

Published: 07-11-2022
Will NASA be the solution for aviation's carbon emissions problem?

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg On Airline Cancellations

Published: 06-28-2022
Will Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg demand the government step in to fix airline woes?

3 News Bits Show Pilots in High Demand

Published: 06-12-2022
Commercial airline pilots are in high demand. Summer travel is putting stress on carriers to hire and keep up with demand.

What is the “Flightmare” for Memorial Day and Beyond?

Published: 05-30-2022
Will a Flightmare afflict summer travel for aviation?

Made In China: Is the C919 Ready for Primetime?

Published: 05-22-2022
Is China's new C919 competitor to the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320?

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