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Book Review: The Outer Whorl

Published: 07-20-2007
Mr. Schier's book however, is not a memoir in the traditional sense, but rather one that takes the reader on a much deeper exploration of the call of flying and an appreciation for those with whom one works.

History of the Neal Seal

Published: 07-20-2007
It was difficult to be a young man far from home in a strange land and who did not eat fish. Fish and seafood that was neither baked nor broiled, neither glazed nor grilled, and particularly fish that had never felt the warmth of a good cooking-in other words raw.

New e-logbook From APC

Published: 04-01-2007
Free e-logbook for pilots and student pilots.

The 110th Congress

Published: 01-12-2007
On 4 Jan 2007, the 110th Congress convened with the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.  In the House, the Democrats have a solid majority of 233-202.  The balance in the Senate is much tighter at 49-49-2, with both Independent senators (Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders) caucusing with the Democrats to give the Democrats a razor thin 51-49 majority.  With a majority in each house, the Democrats have control over and chairmanship of all committees and subcommittees in both houses.

Age 60 Rule - Where Is It Now?

Published: 01-05-2007
At the beginning of the 109th Congress, 4 Jan 2005, Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) sponsored HR 65. HR 65 was then referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, chaired by Rep. Don Young (R-AK).

Raising the Bar

Published: 07-04-2006
Read about minimums for starting pilots as well as new and updated requirements for getting yourself in the air.

Funny Alaskan Airlines Commercial

Published: 06-18-2006
Check out this funny Alaskan Airlines commercial! It's quite disco-tastic.

Pay Comparison Charts

Published: 05-24-2006
The airline pilot pay comparison charts are back with the re-launch of Airline Pilot Central. They provide a snapshot of hourly pay rates for most fleet types and airlines.

World Rates

Published: 05-23-2006
By simply adding a class suffix, for example "light" gives you a light grey color module or entering "mid" for a bright blue and "dark" for a rich dark grey color.

How Pilots Get Paid

Published: 04-07-2006
This week we answer a question from 17 year old Kyle from New Bruinswick who wants to know about pay guarantees for pilots at the airlines.

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