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3 Ways to Get Your Career Going Again

Published: 05-02-2011
The reason you hear about networking so much is because it is really that important.

Take Control of Your World

Published: 01-07-2011
In this article we'll take a look at 3 pilots who have found success, in addition to flying.

PilotFAR & PilotAIM now iPad native

Published: 07-02-2010
Aviation iPhone app developer Nick Hodapp of Seattle based CoDeveloper announced the release of the iPad version of the popular PilotFAR and PilotAIM apps.  PilotFAR includes ALL of CFR Title 14, CFR Title 49,Part 830 (?NTSB 830?), and applicable SFARs. PilotAIM includes the complete text and illustrations of the Airmans information manual.  The ability to search, customize, bookmark, and share the entire set of FARs and AIM make these apps essential for any pilot's iPad.

Pilot Furlough Survey

Published: 01-07-2010
This survey is to aggregate the number of furloughed pilots, then publish an estimate of the total number of furloughed pilots as a percentage of the total pilot workforce.

Plan B - Alternatives to Furlough

Published: 01-04-2010
It's important to create passive income and build personal wealth for future economic downturns.

The 'New' New Year's Resolution

Published: 12-26-2009
As pilots, we know that without our health, our career is over. The standards of the FAA's First Class Physical are becoming more strict, while at the same pilots are finding less time available to care for their bodies.  Over the past decade pilots have collectively seen an increase in duty/flight time, a decrease in days off,  and a decrease in the availability of quality food choices while on a layover.  The good news is that you can easily make positive changes that can last a lifetime.

When Northeast Airspace Meets Weather

Published: 10-25-2009
You're approaching STEFE at 13,000' and there are some buildups in front of you. No problem, you just go 5 or 10 miles to the south and you can avoid the bumps, right?

Deadhead Pay Survey

Published: 07-08-2009
What is your company's deadhead pay policy?

Airline Pilot Apps

Published: 06-13-2009
Apple's iPhone as been in the news lately with the announcement of the mobile device's 3rd OS upgrade.

Google Voice for Pilots

Published: 05-02-2009
At its most basic level, Google Voice works like this: when you sign up you get a new phone number and then can link up to six existing phone numbers to the new GV number.

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