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In Memoriam - Colgan Air Flight 3407

Published: 02-13-2009
Airline Pilot Central's message to those effected by the Colgan Airlines Tragedy.

Electronic Flight Bags from Ultramain

Published: 12-27-2008
For many pilots, the idea of an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is the stuff that dreams are made of (dreams geared towards reducing job-related paperwork that is). As much as we all love flying we hate the paperwork. Unfortunately paperwork is a necessary part of our job.The good news is that with the advances in technology and newly certified products, some visionary airlines have realized the vision of a paperless cockpit and are saving money in the process.

NTSB Recommends Inspection Of PW2037 Engines

Published: 10-16-2008
In a letter to the FAA Administrator, the Acting Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Mark Rosenker, has requested immediate action by the FAA due to concerns over engine failures.

APC acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

Published: 08-06-2008
Rest assured that Airline Pilot Central will continue to provide relevant and accurate pilot employment information, free of charge.

Airline Pilot Pay Snapshot: Jul 2008

Published: 02-14-2008
APC has published the July 2008 edition of the Airline Pilot Pay Snapshot.

Pilot Retirement Planner

Published: 12-20-2007
It's never too late to start saving for your retirement, but remember, the longer you wait the more you'll have to save. Keep on track towards your retirement and estimate how much you need to save with the Airline Pilot Central retirement planner.

You Feel Tired, but Are You Fatigued?

Published: 09-24-2007
There is a difference between being tired and being fatigued.

The Pilot Personality

Published: 08-20-2007
Pilots are a distinct segment of the general population. In addition to flying skills, pilots are selected for their personalities and for a distinct "pilot persona." These characteristics make them safer pilots.

Book Review: The Outer Whorl

Published: 07-20-2007
Mr. Schier's book however, is not a memoir in the traditional sense, but rather one that takes the reader on a much deeper exploration of the call of flying and an appreciation for those with whom one works.

History of the Neal Seal

Published: 07-20-2007
It was difficult to be a young man far from home in a strange land and who did not eat fish. Fish and seafood that was neither baked nor broiled, neither glazed nor grilled, and particularly fish that had never felt the warmth of a good cooking-in other words raw.

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