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FlightPod TV - Hiring Scams

Published: 08-09-2009
FlightPod TV's host Michael McCoy uncovers a complex pilot hiring scam aimed at pilots considering ex-pat work abroad.  Learn about basic online security and 5 ways to prevent being a victim of online fraud.

Surviving an FAA investigation - FlightPod TV

Published: 08-04-2009
Short video by FlightPod TV on how to deal with a FAA inspection.

Tools for Getting Hired - FlightPod TV

Published: 08-04-2009
Short video by FlightPod TV to help you get hired on as a pilot.

Surviving the Simulator

Published: 03-02-2009
Keeping a good attitude and remembering a few key elements in this stage of your training will hopefully lead to an uneventful and successful check ride.

Interviews: To Prep or Not Prep?

Published: 09-10-2008
Interview prep with a consultant is not for everyone. You must decide to what degree you are going to prepare for your interview and whether or not you feel you need feedback in the form of constructive criticism.

Will Your Business Survive the Intergenerational Pass?

Published: 08-04-2008
Often, a lack of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation can cause the business to flounder.

Does Money Buy Happiness?

Published: 03-25-2008
When we examine their spending habits, we often make some crucial discoveries. Some spend more money than they should on things they don't need.

Failed Checkrides and Your Interview

Published: 03-14-2008
First of all, in my experience, it is hard to find someone who has not failed a checkride. However, it is not something to take lightly.

Interview First Impressions

Published: 03-03-2008
First impressions happen only once and are virtually irreversible. If a negative impression is set, you may lose the attention and interest of your interviewers.

Interview Body Language

Published: 02-05-2008
Interviewing is not an easy task and to portray yourself properly it is important to understand one very prominent fundamental that can affect your body language.

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