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Ground School 101 - Part One

Published: 02-02-2008
Young men and women huddle in small groups, each chattering with barely held excitement. Boasts of aviation valor and masterful flying skills are tempered with humble stories of benign days flight instructing.

Ground School 101 - Part Two

Published: 02-02-2008
Your mind wraps itself around the images of you, strapped into that multimillion dollar flying machine, visibility at your destination down to nil.

What Does "Competitive" Really Mean?

Published: 01-25-2008
It is not just about hours; and experience is subjective. Just because you meet the minimums, it doesn't necessarily mean you are competitive.

What Is BMI?

Published: 11-26-2007
Here are additional factors to consider besides BMI when evaluating your risk for developing chronic disease. These RISK FACTORS include:

Why Pilots Don't Get Hired

Published: 11-20-2007
Here are a few reasons pilots don't get that cherished job and some ways too overcome them.

Airline Pilot Unions

Published: 10-31-2007
A faint bleating alerts the Captain he has a message on his cell phone. Jamming it to his ear, his normally smiling face goes through an abrupt change a few seconds later.

Carbon Trading - Coming Soon?

Published: 10-25-2007
EU ETS supporters state that including aviation will be significant because aviation emissions, which are growing rapidly, will be capped at their average level in 2004-2006.

Handling College Loan Repayment

Published: 09-25-2007
Consolidation can result in lower monthly payments and eliminate the need to send multiple checks to different lenders each month.

Muscle Power- The Protein and the Pump

Published: 06-23-2007
No matter how healthy and physically fit a person is, the main goal of any personal training program is improved body composition.

Airline Pilot Retirement Plans | Part 2

Published: 06-16-2007
This article is the second in a two-part series on airline pilot retirement plans.

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