Pilot Corner

Hydration and the Pilot

Published: 07-22-2006
Most people know that the body is made up of 65-75% water and have heard how important it is to drink 8 glasses, or about 64 ounces, of water each day.

Q&A with Lori Clark: How Old Is Too old?

Published: 07-17-2006
Years ago, 30-ish was the "cutoff" age for getting hired at a major airline. While those days are gone, there are clearly important decisions that must be made when getting a late start in aviation.

Financial Disaster Plan

Published: 07-17-2006
When a catastrophe hits, you need to think, move and act quickly.

Buying a Second Home

Published: 07-17-2006
A second home and a rental property are two separate things. Consider both with the same logical approach you would use to evaluate any investment.

Meals on the Run 101

Published: 05-27-2006
Having a hard time finding nutritious, delicious food when you only have 30 minutes between plane changes? Or do you find yourself catching the last hotel shuttle arriving too late to get dinner at the hotel restaurant or room service? Eating right on the road can be a huge challenge for flight crews. As a nutritionist married to a pilot, this topic has surfaced too many times to count over the years. It really comes down to one basic principle- plan ahead.

CASS Airlines

Published: 02-27-2006
The list of airlines participating in the CASS jumpseat program continues to expand, and APC is staying on top the latest entrants.

Q&A with Lori Clark: Resignations

Published: 01-17-2006
We all make mistakes... or sometimes we just don't fit in with an organization. This month Lori Clark offers some tips about what do if you find yourself in the job market after an unsuccessful stint at an airline.

Introduction to the Roth 401(k)

Published: 01-10-2006
Younger workers or those in lower tax brackets. As they build their careers, their incomes may grow as well, which could put them in a higher tax bracket at retirement.

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