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Is Now the Time for Airlines to Buy Used Aircraft?

Published: 07-19-2021
Did the post-pandemic economy change the purchase strategies of major airlines?

Airlines Face Mass Labor Shortages

Published: 07-12-2021
How will labor shortages affect flight schedules?

3 Positive Signs for the Aviation Recovery

Published: 07-06-2021
Economic signs for airlines are looking up!

How Much Will New Infrastructure Help Airports?

Published: 06-28-2021
A new infrastructure bill is being negotiated. How much will it help the aviation industry?

Will a Surge of Post-COVID Travel Cause Delays and Complications?

Published: 06-21-2021
Reopening pains for the airline industry?

Should US-UK Flights Resume?

Published: 06-14-2021
COVID has suspended flights between the US and UK. Is it time to resume international travel for the two allies?

What Should Be Done About Rising Violence in Airports and Airplanes?

Published: 06-07-2021
FAA confirms rising violence in airports and on flights themselves. What can we do?

Why Did FAA Downgrade Mexico’s Aviation-Safety Rating?

Published: 06-01-2021
Are there aviation problems with our southern neighbor?

As Obesity Surges, Should Airlines Weigh Passengers?

Published: 05-24-2021
A new FAA advisory raises interesting questions about passenger weight.

Attack on Fuel Revealed Insecurity of Our Transportation Network

Published: 05-17-2021
A dangerous hack revealed vulnerabilities for aviation.

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