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US Congress: Pilot Retirement Age Stays the Same

Published: 05-14-2024
Congress kept the retirement age for pilots, but a new bill adds a lot of safety regulations.

Summer Air Travel Uncertain Due to Boeing and Airbus Production Issues

Published: 04-30-2024
Will Boeing and Airbus production delay your work this summer?

Why is Southwest Airlines Having Hiring Problems?

Published: 04-09-2024
Photo by Owen Lystrup on Unsplash After receiving extensive criticism from its pilots union in late 2023 due to flight cancellations and delays, Southwest Airlines is once again facing a pilot problem. This time, Southwest’s problem comes in its plans for future hiring. Southwest recently announced

American Airlines Grows Fleet with Order of 260 Aircraft

Published: 03-19-2024
What will American Airlines pilots be flying?

Will China’s Comac C919 Dominate the Skies of the Future?

Published: 03-05-2024
Is the Comac C919 a legit contender for Boeing and Airbus?

Should the FAA Take an Active Role to Improve the Flight Experience?

Published: 02-21-2024
Is this part of FAA's domain?

Commercial Aviation Needs to Tackle GPS Spoofing

Published: 02-06-2024
Photo by Maël BALLAND on Unsplash For the aviation industry, GPS spoofing—a hostile technique that involves using fake signals to trick Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers—has become a major threat. Conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine have only increased the threat of this threatening

The “Safe Airspace for Americans” Act is Not What You Think

Published: 01-24-2024
Do you want to believe?

Recent Airplane Crash in Japan Highlights Rise of Runway Incursions

Published: 01-09-2024
Are runway incursions on the rise?

Can This Company Eliminate Turbulence from Commercial Aircraft?

Published: 12-18-2023
Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash One company in aviation is beginning to make waves… or should we say that the company is trying to steady the waves? Turbulence Solutions is an Austrian aerospace business that wants to revolutionize the aviation sector with one goal: Eliminating turbulence. If the

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