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The Top Aviation Apps 2017

Published: 04-25-2017
Over the years we have seen a ton of aviation apps specially designed for Android and iOS device. Here are a few that are designed to work with both Apple and Android devices...

The 10 Most Difficult Airports for Pilots in the U.S.

Published: 03-22-2017
Which airports give pilots the most trouble?

5 Mobile Apps Every Pilot Should Know About

Published: 10-21-2015
As a pilot you’re mobile most of the time, so we’ve found five apps for your smartphone that are made just for you and at least one of them may save your life one day.

Why is the Divorce Rate so High for Pilots?

Published: 09-25-2014
Finally! The day that you’ve been dreaming about has finally arrived. You put on your brand new uniform and grab your suitcase. You kiss the wife and kids goodbye and head to the airport for your first flight. You are so excited to be part of the crew that the five legs on day one go by quickly. At

How Not to Make $100K on Probationary Pay

Published: 08-23-2013
You changed jobs and now you're making a fraction of what you were, but your bills haven't proportionally decreased. What options do you really have?

Is Flying Airliners a Dangerous Job?

Published: 08-23-2013
The recent crash of Asiana Flight 214 reminded us that airline accidents have consequences that reach far beyond the people directly affected. As pilots, these unfortunate events deserve introspection and honest answers to tough questions.

Stick Pusher Stall Training

Published: 02-24-2013
Three seconds later, the aircraft entered a stall. Of all the mistakes that were made that night, there was one that doomed the flight, and it is likely one that we the aviation community taught him.

FlightPod TV - Airline Pilot Update

Published: 12-25-2009
FlightPod TV - Aviation News & Technology

FlightPod TV - Hiring Scams

Published: 08-09-2009
FlightPod TV's host Michael McCoy uncovers a complex pilot hiring scam aimed at pilots considering ex-pat work abroad.  Learn about basic online security and 5 ways to prevent being a victim of online fraud.

Surviving an FAA investigation - FlightPod TV

Published: 08-04-2009
Short video by FlightPod TV on how to deal with a FAA inspection.

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