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Time to retire the A380?

Published: 05-23-2017
With its high seat count and long range capabilities, the A380 has a wide variety of uses. However, not all airlines think the benefits of this airplane are greater than those of the ubiquitous B767-300.

Airline Rearrangement to Begin at LAX

Published: 05-09-2017
Major renovations happening at LAX in hopes to improve traffic flow.

The Top Aviation Apps 2017

Published: 04-25-2017
Over the years we have seen a ton of aviation apps specially designed for Android and iOS device. Here are a few that are designed to work with both Apple and Android devices...

Contract Negotiations Pop Up at Another Major Airline

Published: 04-12-2017
American Airlines pilots fight for higher pay in new contract negotiations

The 10 Most Difficult Airports for Pilots in the U.S.

Published: 03-22-2017
Which airports give pilots the most trouble?

Pilots File Labor Grievance against American Airlines

Published: 03-08-2017
Another controversy questions the safety of American Airlines' flight operations.

Big Raises Are on the Way for Pilots at Hawaiian Airlines

Published: 02-22-2017
Pilots at Hawaiian Airlines can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Online Retailer to Open a $1.5 Billion Air Cargo Hub

Published: 02-09-2017
The new air cargo hub is projected to create nearly 2,700 total jobs.

The 3 Biggest Stories in the Airline Industry Today

Published: 01-25-2017
From pilots and crew members seeking help from President Trump to computer malfunctions leaving planes grounded, here are the stories you don't want to miss...

Pilot Salaries in 2017: Which Airline Will Have the Highest Pay?

Published: 01-11-2017
How much can captains expect to earn in 2017?

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