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2022 – The Year to Become a Pilot?

Published: 01-24-2022
Pilot pay is going up in response to "labor shortages".

New Analysis: Which Airlines Are Always On Time?

Published: 01-17-2022
Which airline deserves the award for operational performance?

Changes Coming to American Airlines with New CEO?

Published: 01-10-2022
New leadership at American Airlines. Changes incoming?

Happy New Year of Flight Disruptions for Pilots

Published: 01-03-2022
New Year's weekend saw many flight cancellations. Will this continue into 2022?

Top 3 Aviation and Airline Topics for 2022

Published: 12-27-2021
Will pilots and the aviation industry have a happy new year in 2022?

Carbon a Warming Topic in Aviation News

Published: 12-13-2021
Carbon and climate are a hot topic in aviation

Should Aviation Accept Permanent COVID?

Published: 12-06-2021
Immunologists think COVID might be sticking around. How should aviation respond?

Will Pilot Union Demands Affect Holidays for Pilots?

Published: 11-29-2021
What does the American Airlines pilot union want? And what will they get?

Infrastructure Bill Passes in Victory for Airports

Published: 11-14-2021
A new infrastructure bill. What does it mean for airports?

FAA Plans Warnings to Pilots, Airlines Over New 5G Rollout

Published: 11-08-2021
Will 5G rollout disrupt cockpit technology?

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