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Pilots May Fly to Alaska a Lot More This Year

Published: 03-21-2021
Do you want to fly to Alaska this summer?

Do You Qualify for the American Airlines Vaccine Incentive?

Published: 03-14-2021
Should pilots receive an incentive to get the vaccine?

Should Airline Pilots Be Concerned About UFOs?

Published: 03-07-2021
Are you on the lookout for other objects that share the skies?

United Grounds All Boeing 777s

Published: 03-02-2021
Will Boeing's problems ever end? Or should we send them to the scrap heap?

Delta Resumes Flights to Brazil

Published: 02-22-2021
Want to travel to the Amazon?

Delta Deploys Facial Recognition at Detroit Airport

Published: 02-16-2021
Facial recognition scanners - Privacy concern or security necessity?

Delta Aims to Return 400 Pilots to Work by Summer

Published: 02-08-2021
Which pilots will be coming back to Delta in the post-COVID era?

Boeing to Use Only 100% Sustainable Fuel By 2030

Published: 01-31-2021
Will new fuel change the aircraft you fly?

American Airlines and JetBlue Partnership Approved By DOT

Published: 01-25-2021
Will this partnership be good for commercial airline pilots?

Why Flight Instructors Are Under New Review

Published: 01-18-2021
A new report from the NTSB puts flight instructors under the spotlight.

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