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What Should Be Done About Rising Violence in Airports and Airplanes?

Published: 06-07-2021
FAA confirms rising violence in airports and on flights themselves. What can we do?

Why Did FAA Downgrade Mexico’s Aviation-Safety Rating?

Published: 06-01-2021
Are there aviation problems with our southern neighbor?

As Obesity Surges, Should Airlines Weigh Passengers?

Published: 05-24-2021
A new FAA advisory raises interesting questions about passenger weight.

Attack on Fuel Revealed Insecurity of Our Transportation Network

Published: 05-17-2021
A dangerous hack revealed vulnerabilities for aviation.

Is This the Best Movie About Pilots?

Published: 05-10-2021
What's your favorite pilot movie?

Do You Want to Fly for Avelo Airlines?

Published: 05-03-2021
Are pilots interested in this new budget airline?

International Travel Is Risky This Summer, According to the State Department

Published: 04-26-2021
COVID surging in India. Let's take a look at international travel this summer.

Is It Time to Give Up on the Boeing 737 MAX?

Published: 04-18-2021
Is it enough already with this plane?

Is the New United Airlines Pilot Training Program Controversial?

Published: 04-11-2021
This new training program has been a hot topic among pilots and citizens. What are your thoughts?

An Optimistic Spring: Good News for American Airlines Pilots?

Published: 04-04-2021
Flight bookings on the rise. Do you know furloughed pilots that are getting back to work?

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