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Should We Get Rid of the Airplane Galley?

Published: 05-20-2019
Can lockers and new automation improve the flight experience?

21-Hour Flights Edge Closer

Published: 05-13-2019
How long are you willing to fly?

What Should Pilots Do for a UFO Sighting?

Published: 05-06-2019
The Navy is working on a plan for pilots.

United Airlines Cuts Ties With Expedia

Published: 04-29-2019
A sign of things to come for the travel technology industry?

Amazon Pilots Are Getting the Warehouse Worker Treatment

Published: 04-22-2019
The Jeff Bezos Giant is in the News Again

New Negotiations: Will Delta Make Up for Lost Pilot Wages?

Published: 04-15-2019
Delta declared bankruptcy in 2005, and there's still fallout.

Are These the Airplane Wings of the Future?

Published: 04-08-2019
Dynamic and reactive. Are these faster, better, smarter? Or a bust?

Does the Aviation Industry Care Enough About Safety?

Published: 04-01-2019
From a lack of training to the airplanes themselves, does the aviation industry put enough effort into making sure your flights are safe?

Is Airplane Automation Ready For Primetime?

Published: 03-25-2019
In the wake of a Boeing crash, should we reevaluate our relationship with technology?

Uber for the Sky? Getting Paid to Fly After Commercial Retirement

Published: 03-18-2019
Airline apps? Is it the future or a fad?

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