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First Airbus A220 Assembled and Delivered in the United States

Published: 11-02-2020
Will you be flying the Airbus A220 sometime soon?

Can Commercial Airline Pilots Work as Firebombers?

Published: 10-26-2020
Would you sign up to fight fires?

Airbus Beats Boeing as Pandemic Ranges On

Published: 10-19-2020
Will Airbus rule the skies when the pandemic is over?

Southwest Asks Pilots to Take 10% Pay Cut

Published: 10-12-2020
Southwest pilots taking a pay cut? Will other airlines follow?

A Positive Outlook for the Aviation Industry

Published: 10-04-2020
What do flight training schools say about the aviation recovery?

International Flights May Be the Last to Return to Normal

Published: 09-28-2020
Two new studies how COVID will affect the aviation industry.

FAA May Soon Have Power to Hire or Fire Boeing Employees

Published: 09-20-2020
How much control should the government have to ensure safety in aviation?

Are You Interested In United's New Long-Haul Flights?

Published: 09-14-2020
Long-haul flights are a different opportunity for commercial airline pilots.

Why the FAA is Fining Chicago Department of Aviation

Published: 09-07-2020
Have you experienced safety issues at O'Hare Airport?

APC Celebrates 100 Years of Modern Aviation

Published: 08-31-2020
Why did we choose the end of August to celebrate 100 years of aviation?

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