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An Authentic Pilot’s Watch Designed By a Pilot – The Ultimate Holiday Gift?

Published: 12-10-2019
Read about this special watch created from the steel of a jet turbine engine.

Will Short-Haul Flights Be Reduced or Eliminated?

Published: 12-09-2019
Climate puts short-haul flights are under the microscope. Let's take a look.

Why More Airline Passengers Are Acting Out

Published: 12-03-2019
A new report suggests that recent decisions by airlines may be responsible. Are we headed for more aggressive passengers?

The Looming Retirement Problem for Commercial Airlines

Published: 11-18-2019
Are there enough new pilots to replace the retiring generation?

What Causes Miscommunication Between Airline Pilots and Air Traffic Control?

Published: 11-11-2019
What causes miscommunication between airline pilots and air traffic control? The answer may surprise you. What would you do to reduce errors?

The Future of International Flights to China and Chinese Airlines

Published: 11-04-2019
International airlines up. Profits down. Outbound tourists up. Inbound tourists down. What's the state of China's aviation industry?

Should Commercial Airline Pilots Fly for 20 Hours?

Published: 10-28-2019
A new Qantas flight made a record 19-hour flight. Should we continue pushing this frontier?

Should Diabetic Pilots Be Allowed to Fly?

Published: 10-21-2019
Diabetes continues to rise in America. Can diabetics get a proper medical certification to fly commercial airlines? Should they?

FAA Claims Pilots Do Not Know How To Fly

Published: 10-14-2019
The FAA says pilots don't know how to fly. Outrageous insult or fair criticism?

Does Boeing Owe Pilots Compensation Over the 737 MAX Fiasco?

Published: 10-07-2019
Negligence in safety. Grounded aircraft. Lost hours. How does it all add up?

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