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Biden Continues Push for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Published: 04-25-2022
The Biden Administration makes a big push for sustainable aviation fuel. Will it change aviation?

Is the Airline Industry Ready for a Summer Travel Boom?

Published: 04-18-2022
Summer is coming. Are airlines ready?

Women in Aviation Advisory Board Makes Recommendations to Congress

Published: 03-28-2022
What is the Women in Aviation Advisory Board and what do they recommend?

Will Fuel Costs Accelerate the Push for Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Published: 03-21-2022
How will rising fuel costs affect aviation and the future of aircraft?

“Downfall” - New Film Criticizes Boeing for the 737 Max Disasters

Published: 02-28-2022
A new documentary explores how Boeing put profits above lives in "Downfall". Have you seen it?

State of Aviation: New Survey Results for Commercial Pilots

Published: 02-22-2022
How do commercial airline pilots feel about the career? A new survey reveals.

Southwest Resumes Serving Alcoholic Beverages on Flights

Published: 02-14-2022
Should the booze start flowing on flights once again?

Baby Successfully Delivered on United Airlines Flight

Published: 02-07-2022
Here's some good news. A successful birth on a commercial flight!

Is 5G the Airline Industry’s Y2K? Or Is It Serious?

Published: 01-31-2022
Is 5G a serious threat to aircrafts? Or is this Y2K all over again?

2022 – The Year to Become a Pilot?

Published: 01-24-2022
Pilot pay is going up in response to "labor shortages".

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