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Would You Trust Automated Air Traffic Control?

Published: 02-11-2019
Boeing jumps into a potential automated ATC future.

Are Supersonic Jets Making a Commercial Comeback?

Published: 02-05-2019
High speeds may be coming back fast. What does it mean for commercial pilots?

Are Solar-Powered Airplanes on the Horizon?

Published: 01-28-2019
Will your next flight be powered by the Sun? What's the future of solar-powered airplanes?

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Loosened Drone Regulations

Published: 01-21-2019
The FAA may be loosening drone regulations soon. Here's why you shouldn't worry.

The Government Shutdown is Endangering Airline Pilots

Published: 01-15-2019
The government is still shutdown. How are pilots being hurt?

How Old Can Pilots Be?

Published: 01-07-2019
Ever wonder how long you can fly for? Learn about the governing body and the age restrictions here.

An Overview of 2018 From the Skies

Published: 12-31-2018
As 2018 comes to a close, what's next for the aviation industry?

Where Does Your Airline Rank in Arriving on Time?

Published: 12-24-2018
Airline delays can be a hassle for pilots. Find out where your airline ranks when it comes to arriving on time.

From Commercial Pilot to Space Pilot: Is Your Body Ready?

Published: 12-17-2018
Are pilots physically ready to go to space? Here's how to prepare.

Have You Considered These 5 Jobs for Pilots?

Published: 12-03-2018
If commercial airlines aren't for you, here are 5 jobs for pilots to consider.

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