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Bombardier Exits Commercial Aviation

Published: 03-02-2020
Will you still be flying the A220?

United Airlines and Skywest Invest in the Next Generation of Pilots

Published: 02-24-2020
A retirement crisis may be coming to the aviation industry. Read about what airlines are doing to prepare.

Watch This: A Vintage-Style Aviation Chronograph

Published: 02-18-2020
APC gets hands-on with a watch inspired by a Swedish Air Force classic.

Pilots File Lawsuit Against American Airlines Over Coronavirus

Published: 02-18-2020
When is it safe to fly to China?

This Unique Pilot’s Watch Honors a Legendary Aircraft

Published: 02-11-2020
If you love classic planes like the Spitfire, you’ll want to check this out.

New Study Shows Air Travel is the Safest It’s Ever Been

Published: 02-11-2020
Good news to start 2020 for airline travel.

What Is the Fly Quieter Program?

Published: 02-03-2020
Will noise pollution change the way we fly?

The Age of Emotional Support Animals May Soon Be at an End

Published: 01-27-2020
The DOT issues a new ruling. Read about it here.

Will Volcanoes Wreak Havoc on Flight Plans?

Published: 01-20-2020
Is volcanic activity on the rise?

An Affordable Take on the Classic Big Pilot Watch

Published: 01-15-2020
A small brand creates a Big Pilot watch. Should pilots pay attention?

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