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The Future of International Flights to China and Chinese Airlines

Published: 11-04-2019
International airlines up. Profits down. Outbound tourists up. Inbound tourists down. What's the state of China's aviation industry?

Should Commercial Airline Pilots Fly for 20 Hours?

Published: 10-28-2019
A new Qantas flight made a record 19-hour flight. Should we continue pushing this frontier?

Should Diabetic Pilots Be Allowed to Fly?

Published: 10-21-2019
Diabetes continues to rise in America. Can diabetics get a proper medical certification to fly commercial airlines? Should they?

FAA Claims Pilots Do Not Know How To Fly

Published: 10-14-2019
The FAA says pilots don't know how to fly. Outrageous insult or fair criticism?

Does Boeing Owe Pilots Compensation Over the 737 MAX Fiasco?

Published: 10-07-2019
Negligence in safety. Grounded aircraft. Lost hours. How does it all add up?

How to Go from Co-Pilot to Captain

Published: 09-30-2019
Captains and co-pilots need the same flying skills. So what's the difference? And how do you go from a co-pilot to captain?

Young Pilots Dream Big (And the Steps to Become a Pilot)

Published: 09-24-2019
Oliver Jarrett became Britain's youngest pilot at age 16. How old were you?

Airline Pilots Say Goodbye to the MD-80

Published: 09-16-2019
A eulogy for a quiet cockpit and a loud cabin.

Why Pilots Fly into Hurricanes

Published: 09-09-2019
Would you be a Hurricane Hunter?

Are Pilots Ready to Fly the Boeing 737 Max Airplane Again?

Published: 09-03-2019
With new software and included safety features, are you willing to give the Boeing 737 Max a second chance?

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