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Insulin-Dependent Pilots Now Able to Get First Class Medical Certificate

Published: 01-13-2020
Good news for diabetic pilots.

Commercial Airline Pilots Deserve a Raise in 2020

Published: 01-07-2020
Should pilots get a larger share of revenue?

The Boeing 787 First Took Flight a Decade Ago

Published: 12-23-2019
Let's take a look at a legend.

What Will Replace the Boeing 757 at United?

Published: 12-16-2019
We take a look at the new member to the United aircraft family.

What is a Flieger? The Iconic Pilot’s Watch from STOWA

Published: 12-12-2019
Airline Pilot Central takes a look at the quintessential pilot's watch. Should this on your holiday wish list?

An Authentic Pilot’s Watch Designed By a Pilot – The Ultimate Holiday Gift?

Published: 12-10-2019
Read about this special watch created from the steel of a jet turbine engine.

Will Short-Haul Flights Be Reduced or Eliminated?

Published: 12-09-2019
Climate puts short-haul flights are under the microscope. Let's take a look.

Why More Airline Passengers Are Acting Out

Published: 12-03-2019
A new report suggests that recent decisions by airlines may be responsible. Are we headed for more aggressive passengers?

The Looming Retirement Problem for Commercial Airlines

Published: 11-18-2019
Are there enough new pilots to replace the retiring generation?

What Causes Miscommunication Between Airline Pilots and Air Traffic Control?

Published: 11-11-2019
What causes miscommunication between airline pilots and air traffic control? The answer may surprise you. What would you do to reduce errors?

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