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New Routes Coming to Southwest; Old Routes Being Cut

Published: 08-24-2020
The pandemic has shaken up plans for Southwest Airlines. Read on to learn the latest.

Breeze Airways Launch Delayed Until Next Year

Published: 08-17-2020
Will this app-based airline change the industry?

JetBlue Turns to UV For Sanitation Purposes

Published: 08-10-2020
Is this the future of aircraft cleaning?

Delta Receives High Praise For Coronavirus Response

Published: 08-03-2020
COVID changed the aviation industry. Delta responded.

Will You Be Affected by the New JetBlue and American Airlines Partnership?

Published: 07-27-2020
Is the new JetBlue and American Airlines alliance meant to last?

APC Honors the First Lady Pilot to Be a Commercial Airline Pilot

Published: 07-20-2020
In memory of Captain Emily, read about her sky-breaking story.

Pilot-Focused Advisor RAA to Give Free 401(k) Management Advice to Furloughed Pilots

Published: 07-16-2020
Read about RAA's plan to give free 401(k) management services to pilots.

Will the Government Ban the Middle Seat on Commercial Airplanes?

Published: 07-14-2020
As the COVID crisis continues, will the government heavily regulate passenger flights?

How Should Commercial Airline Pilots Deal with the Sun?

Published: 07-06-2020
Airline pilots are exposed to the sun all day. Here are the simple solutions to protect your eyes and skin.

FAA No Longer Requires Face Masks

Published: 06-29-2020
The FAA regulations have changed. Will airlines take the lead on face masks?

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